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James Garfield was the first to have his mother present at his inauguration. She lived in the White House with him.

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elizabeth Garfield

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Q: Who was the first mother to see her son sworn in as president?
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Who was the first president after Syria became an independent nation?

Shuri al-Quwatli (first president of independent Syria) Subhi al-Khalidi (first president of French Syria) Go look up in Wikipedia and see for yourself.

Who was the only president to ever quit office?

The first and only President of the United States of America to resign the Presidency was the 37th President, Richard Milhous Nixon. When he was sworn in for his first term of office in 1969, President Nixon was 56 years old. He was the second of the three Presidents the United States has had from the state of California, all of whom were members of the Republican party. President Nixon won reelection by landslide in 1972 and gave his famous "silent majority" speech during his second inauguration in 1973. President Richard Milhous Nixon resigned the Presidency in 1974 in order to avoid inevitable impeachment.

Who was the first US President to throw the first pitch of the season from the pitcher's mound and make it to the catcher?

William Howard Taft, on April 14th 1910. He threw the first pitch to the Washington senator's pitcher to begin the game, then stayed to watch the rest of it, enjoying himself so mucht hat every president since has done the same thing.

Was Gorge Washington the first president of the US?

Everyone "knows" that Washington was the first of the (so far) 43 Presidents of the US. However, this isn't strictly the case. During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress (or the 'United States in Congress Assembled') chose Peyton Randolph as the first President. Under Randolph, one of their first moves was to create the Continental Army (indefence against Britain), appointing General Washington as its commander. Randolph was succeeded in 1781 by John Hancock, who presided over independence from Great Britain (see myth #6). After Washington defeated the British at the Battle of Yorktown, Hancock sent him a note of congratulations. Washington's reply was addressed to "The President ofthe United States". Eight years later, as a revered war hero, Washington himself became America's first popularly elected President - but strictly speaking, the FIFTEENTH President!

How did Mary Washington mother of George Washington die?

Mary Ball Washington died on August 25, 1789, at age 81. Historical documents indicate that Mary died of breast cancer. She did live to see her son George inaugurated as President.

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Can see the president sworn in?

Only on TV. You need to be invited to attend the ceremony.

When will Barack Obama officially be sworn in as the US president?

On Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2009. See related links.

Will Obama be sworn in again if he wins the 2012 election?

Yes, if a president is re-elected, he must be sworn in a second time and an inauguration ceremony will usually be held. We saw this with other presidents, and there is no reason to think we won't see it if President Obama is re-elected.

Who is the president?

The 46th and current president of the United States is Joseph R. Biden, Jr. He was sworn in on January 20, 2021.

What was the first president to see the first census form?

Thomas Jefferson was the president when the first US census was made.

Is Barack Obama the first African-American President?

Yes, Barack Obama is the first African-American President of the United States. Some critics have correctly pointed out that he is actually biracial (his father was black, his mother was white) but he identifies as black and the culture also seems to see him that way.

How did this years election affect our lives?

Too soon to tell. I mean the election was just yesterday. The new president won't be sworn in until January. Wait and see what new laws Congress passes.

Was the first all black regiment of union soldier?

The first African American regiment sworn into Federal service during the US Civil War was the 1st Louisiana Native Guards. This infantry regiment was composed of former slaves in Union occupied Louisiana. They were sworn into service September 27, 1862. See the link below.

Who was the first president to go see an NFL game?

Lyndon Johnson

Who was William H Taft's mother?

William Howard Taft's mother was Louise Torrey Taft. His father was Alphonso Taft. Neither lived to see him as President.

Who was the first president to see a spaceship launced into space firsthand?

jhhb jhhb

Who was the first president after Syria became an independent nation?

Shuri al-Quwatli (first president of independent Syria) Subhi al-Khalidi (first president of French Syria) Go look up in Wikipedia and see for yourself.