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Thomas Jefferson who was elected as part of the Democratic-Republican party.

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Q: Who was the first president elected as a nominee of a party?
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Was Barack Obama the first African American nominee for president?

He was the first African-American nominee for President from a major political party.

Who was the first president from republic party?

Abraham Lincoln was the first president from the Republican party.

Andrew Jackson was the first candidate to elected president of the US from which party?

Democratic Party

Who was the Democratic Party's nominee for vice president in the 1864 presidential election?

The Democratic Party's nominee for vice president in the 1864 presidential elections was George Pendelton. He was the running mate of the Party's presidential nominee George B. McClellan.

What is a gathering to select the party's nominee for president?

they are the delegates

Did Franklin Pierce have something to do with the democratic party?

Franklin Pierce was the fourth Democratic Party Presidential Nominee to be elected President after Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and James K. Polk.

Who was elected first vice president?

In the United States, the first elected Vice President was John Adams. This occurred in 1789. Adams was a member of the Federalist Party.

First president elected by original democratic-Republican Party?

The first president from the original Democratic-Republican Party was Thomas Jefferson. He was elected in 1802 and took office in 1803.

What is a gathering to select a party's nominee for president?

National Convention

Who elects the vice president of the United States?

Vice presidents are usually elected jointly as a running mate to the president. The electoral college elects the President and the President chooses the Vice President. a Presidential candidate selects "their" own V.P, but is nominated and elected by party convention

Does the president choses his successor?

A political party's nominee for president chooses who will replace him/her in the event that he/she cannot finish his/her term due to death, resignation or removal from office, but the party must approve the choice. That person is the presidential nominee's running mate or the vice-presidential nominee. When the office of the Vice President becomes vacant during a term due to the death, resignation or removal from office of either the President or the Vice President, the President chooses someone to fill the vacancy, but the choice must be approved by both Houses of Congress. A President who completes his/her term does not choose who will succeed him/her.

What is a person that is selected by a political party to run for president called?

He/She is that party's presidential nominee.