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Calvin Coolage was the first president to be elected when the radio was used to give the results.

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Q: Who was the first president to elected when the radio was used to give results?
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Did Calvin Coolidge win reelection in 1924.?

Yes, he had just completed the term of Warren G. Harding (who died in office in 1923), but in 1924, Coolidge won a full term as president. What was interesting about the 1924 campaign was it was the first to be partially conducted by radio, which was still a new and growing mass medium. A number of candidates (Coolidge among them) spoke over the airwaves, reaching millions of potential voters.

Which US President was a sports announcer?

President Ronald Reagan was a radio sport announcer and actor before becoming president. He was an announcer for Chicago Cubs baseball games in Des Moines in the 1930s.

What did the fireside chat address?

While other presidents had been on the radio, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt became known as the first "radio president" because of how effectively he used this mass medium. His radio addresses to the public, called "Fireside chats," were meant to reassure Americans that things were getting better and that he understood their fears; they were his way of connecting with the public throughout the Great Depression. The topics varied, but their purpose was to be informative, mainly about what he and his administration were doing, and his plans to help stabilize the economy and get Americans back to work.

What was true about president roosevelt fireside chats?

It is true that Roosevelt was the first President to communicate directly with the American people, being the first to use this format of 'homely' speeches on the radio. It is also true that these proved to be very effective in explaining the issues of the day and 'selling' his policies to the American public. It is true that the speeches gave an immense boost to the confidence of people that the things that worried them were understood in Washington; and it is also true that the fireside chats contributed much to Roosevelt's high approval ratings.

Which technological advancement most strongly affected a leader's speech during President Kennedy's time?


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Who was the first president to use the radio to give the results of the election?

Calvin Coolidge

Who was the president that first spoke on the radio?

the first president who spoke on radio was wilson.

Which president was the first president to make a radio speech?

Harding was the first to talk on radio.

Who was the first president to be herard on the radio?

Warren G. Harding He was the first President to speak on the radio and the first to have a radio in the White House.

Who was the first president to use a radio address?

Warren Harding was the first to speak on the radio. The date was flag day, June 14,1922 and it was not a formal speech. On December 6, 1923, President Coolidge was the first president to have his state of the union address heard on the radio.

Who was the first president to have inauguration broadcast on the radio?

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The first President whose voice was heard over the radio?

The first US president who was heard on the radio was Warren. G. Harding. The first one to make an entire radio broadcast from the White House was Calvin Coolidge.

Who was the first president to give a radio address?

Calvin Coolidge

Who was the first president to have his inauguration on the radio?

Calvin Coolidge

What president first talk on radio?

Woodrow Wilson

The first president to speak on the radio?

Despite his reputation as a quiet and even reclusive politician, Calvin Coolidge made use of the new medium of radio and made radio history several times while President. On Dec. 6, 1923, the first presidential address was broadcast on the radio. President Calvin Coolidge delivered what is now known as the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.

Who was the first president to deliver a speech on the radio?

calvin coolidge