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Increases in the presidential salary were made when a new President took office, so the president did not actually get a raise, he just got more than his predecessor.

I do not think any president actually got a raise while his was in office.

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The first time the U.S. presidential salary went up was at the beginning of Ulysses S. Grant's second term (from $25,000/year to $50,000/year).

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Q: Who was the first president to have a salary raise?
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Can the president raise salary?

No. The president does not set anybody's salary. Congress does that.

Can a president receive a raise in salary?


Does the president get a raise?

The salary of the president can not be changed during his term. If he gets a raise, it would have to been when he starts a new term.

Can a presidents salary be increased during a term?

No, any raise in salary will be enforced during the next president's term.

What is the current salary for the first lady of US President?

There is no salary for the first lady.

Why can't the president receive a raise during his term?

Article II section 1 of the US Constitution forbids any changes in the President's salary during his term of office. Congress could raise the salary for the next presidential term.

Who was the first president to refuse a salary?

George Washington hesistated to take his salary at first, but became convinced that refusing salary would set a precedent that might discourage other less wealthy men from running for President.

How do you work 16.800 salary with a5 percent raise and salary before the raised?

16.800 salary with a 5% raise? what was the salary for last years?

Did President Obama actually raise his Presidential Salary to 1000000 in January 2013 after winning reelection?

No, this is another of those internet myths, often spread by opponents of the president (but in this case, spread by a website that specializes in jokes and satire). The president's salary has been the same since it was raised during the first term of President Bush. No further raises or increases have taken place. The current presidential salary is $400,000, and Mr. Obama has done nothing to change it.

How much can languages raise a persons salary?

It can raise a paersons salary by over 8% - 20%

What was the yearly salary of the first president of the US?


What was the original salary of the president of the US?

The salary for the President was first set at $25,000 per year. The figure stayed in effect until 1869 when it doubled to $50,000.