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First president- George Washington and Martha did not have any children between them but Martha had a son and daughter by a previous marriage. Both children died young.

Second president- John Adams was the first president to have children. One of his children John Quincy Adams also became president.

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Q: Who was the first president to have children?
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Who is the first president to have a daughter or a son?

John Adams, the second president, had children, one of whom became President. The first President, Washington, was seemingly unable to father children.

Is Obama the first president with a wife and children?

No. James Buchanan is the only bachelor President of the United States. Most of them have kids.

Which president had four children in the first five years of marriage?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who most children that was apresident?

If you are asking which president had the most children, the answer is John Tyler with 15. Eight by his first wife and seven by his second.

Who are the descendants of ct Russel first president of the jehovahs witnesses?

Charles Taze Russell, first President of the Watchtower Society had no children. He did have a foster daughter raised under his charge.

Why do they call president Kennedy the first family?

Kennedy was in the White House when that name was used. It is customary to refer to the president's wife as the first lady, so calling her children the first family is not much of a stretch.

Which first lady had the most children?

In the United States, the first wife of President John Tyler, Letitia Christian Tyler bore his first eight children, before dying in 1842. He would have seven more children with his second wife.

What president had no natural children and adopted his wife's two children from a previous marriage?

George Washington. He had no natural children and adopted Martha's children. A boy and girl from her first marriage. Her first husband died from what was known at the time as "bad blood".

What are the names of the US President's children?

President Obama's children are Malia & Natasha.

What is unique about John Tyler?

He had many children and was the first vice president to move up to presidential office.

Did President Eisenhower Have Children?

Dwight D. Eisenhower had two children, the first one died at the age of three but the other one's name is John Eisenhower.

Were any of his children President?

Whose children?