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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who was the first president to lie in state in the rotunda?
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Who was the last person to lie in state in the rotunda?

Coretta Scott King

Who was the first woman to lie in state under the rotunda of the US capital?

Rosa Parks, Civil Rights leader. Second African American

What is the meaning of the phrase lie in?

The phrase "lie in" refers to "lying in state" or to "lie in state". This involves important people like Presidents who have died. Their remains are placed in a rotunda of a government building and people can pass by to pay their respects.

Whose body was the first to lie in state in the Rotunda of the US Capital?

The Rotunda of the United States Capitol, completed in 1824, has since been considered the most suitable place for the nation to pay final tribute to its most eminent citizens by having their remains lie in state or in honor. These occasions are either authorized by a congressional resolution or approved by the congressional leadership, when permission is granted by survivors. Henry Clay was the first person so honored July 1, 1852, following a memorial service in the Senate Chamber (S-228). Member of the House of Representatives for five non- consecutive terms (1811-25). Served as Speaker in 1811-14, 1815-20, and 1823- 25. Secretary of State from 1825 to 1829. U.S. Senator from Kentucky intermittently for eighteen years between 1806 and 1852. Died June 29, 1852, in Washington, D.C. during the 32nd Congress, 1st Session. No resolution.

Why did America come to doubt the word of their president in 1968?

the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie... the cake is a lie...

Which american president was impeached because of he told a lie?

President Clinton.

Is it OK for the President to Lie?

Some people would say that it is ok for the president to lie when it is in the best interest of the nation, but others would disagree.

Can the president lie?

Of course the President can lie, just like almost any other human. However, if a President is proved to have lied to the public on a matter of public interest, that constitutes grounds for impeachment.

What a president have to do to get impeached and removed?

To get impeached the president would have to bribe, lie, or have a misdemeanor against him.

Which president said you can not tell a lie?

Abe Lincoln

Do you think it is important for the President not to lie?

Yes. The presidents can't lie because they are guiding the U.S.A.

What state does the undertaker lie in?