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Framces E. Willard

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Q: Who was the founder of the WCTU?
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Who was the founder of the American Temperance Society(apex)?

The first president of the WCTU was Annie Wittenmyer. That's the closest I can come to a founder.

When was WCTU Railway created?

WCTU Railway was created in 1974.

Why did Mary Lease speak about her concerns to the WCTU?

The WCTU supported many populist causes and could help Mary.

What groups supported temperance?


What goals did the WCTU have in common with other progressive organizations?


Who encouraged prohibition in Ontario?

The WCTU, among many other groups.

What is the goal of the WCTU?

The purpose of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is to protect families from all negative influences. It describes itself as dedicated to educating young people about the harmful effects of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco and works to build support for total abstinence from alcohol. The WCTU works on all issues using Scripture as its foundation. WCTU members sign a pledge promising to abstain from beverage alcohol. The organization was founded in 1873 and is considered the oldest voluntary, non-sectarian women's organization in continuous existence in the world.

Who supported prohibition?

Women and Christians. WCTU (Women's Christian Temperence Union)

What message did Mary lease give to the wctu?

that women could make a difference i society

Who was the most famous leader of the WCTU?

Frances Willard, born in 1830, was the best known leader of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She was elected in president in 1879 and served in that role until her death in 1898. In addition to her leadership of the WCTU, Willard was the first dean of women at Northwestern University and the first woman represented in Statuary Hall in U.S. Capitol Building. She was commemorated on a 1940 U.S. postage stamp.

Why didd the wctu support the cause of womens suffrage?

They wanted more voters who supported prohibition.

Why did the WCTU support the cause of womans suffrage?

- if women could vote , they would vote for prohibition