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Gilbert du Motier, marquis de Lafayette.

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Q: Who was the french nobleman who fought for the American cause in the revolutionary war?
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Who fought you the America revolution?

The American colonists, the British, the French, and a few American Indians fought in the Revolutionary War.

What war did Washington fight in?

Washington fought in the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War

Who was a French aristocrat who fought with the American colonist against the British in the American revolutionary?

Englands lord north is remembered in his history as

Who fought the Revolutionary War?


French and indian war was part of the revolutionary war True or false?

False. The French and Indian War was part of the Seven Years' War, not the American Revolutionary War. It was fought from 1754 to 1763.

Was Jorge Farragut a French noble who fought in the Revolutionary War?

I dont know............. actually he was either british or american noble i think.......

What was the first war fought by the US?

Before America became a country, we fought in the French and Indian War. But, the first war we fought as a country was the American Revolutionary War.

Which is not true of Mary Shelley?

she fought in the french revolutionary war

How many Americans were involved with the American Revolutionary War?

About 250,000 people fought for American independence during the war. (note this figure probably includes French troops as well).

Which of the following is not true of Mary Shelley?

She fought in the French Revolutionary War.

What is the word to the letter z in an abc revolutionary book?

The Zweibrucken Regiment was a regiment of Germans that fought in the French Army during the American Revolutionary War. They helped the Americans defeat the British at the battle of Yorktown.

Who was the American colonist who fought on the side of the british in the french and Indian war and then become the leading officer of the continental army during the revolutionary war?

George Washington