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Q: Who was the gifted scribe of the US constitution whose name was not remembered until 1937?
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How are women represented in the Constitution?

To give you a very short answer- they were NOT represented in the US Constitution. The Constitution makes no mention of women- since they did not have the right to vote (or most of the rights that men had)

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Gifted but isolated New England poet the bulk of whose works were not published until after her death?

Emily Dickinson

Was the Constitution written because the government had no judicial branch?

There was no government in place until the Constitution was ratified.

Who opposed ratification of the Constitution until after the inclusion of a bill of rights?


Was the three branches of government ever thought of before the constitution?

No, not until about 15 years after the constitution was completed.

Who wrote the embellished constitution and was forgotten until 1937?

Henry Portly, he died before he can the Constitution was finished.

What branch wrote the constitution?

There were no branches when the Constitution was written. Nor was there a USA. The Constitution is part of the creation of the USA, the branches did not exist at the until the time it was written.

Was the articles of confederation was really your first constitution?

Yes, yes it was. It wasn't until 1787 that today's constitution was ratified.

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The meiji constitution did what?

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What part of the constitution was not defined until after the convention?

the bill of rights