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William tweed

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Tammany Hall.

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Q: Who was the most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century?
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Who was famous for her book Woman in the Nineteenth Century?

Women in the Nineteenth Century was written by Margaret Fuller.

When was Shakespeare famous?

Shakespeare was famous in his own time among theatre people. He became world-famous in the nineteenth century.

Who made the idea of evolution famous in the nineteenth century?

Charles Darwin. he had came up with the theory.

Which air conditioning is the most famous?

My opinion. Carrier centrifugal chiller. First put in service in the teens of the nineteenth century.

What was the name of the famous Australian stagecoach company of the nineteenth century?

Australia's famous coach company, which began during the goldrushes in the 1850s and continued for many decades, was Cobb & Co.

Who was the important French novelist of the 19th century?

Victor Hugo was the most important French novelist of the Nineteenth century. Les Miserables ( La Mirable ) was the most famous work of that century. He was a gifted poet also.

What did mazzini do?

Giuseppe Mazzini is a famous Italian patriot and nationalist. He was responsible in bringing Republicanism to Italy during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Who was the most famous boss of a political machine?

tammany hall

How did late nineteenth century orientalism portray non western peoples?

The nineteenth century orientalism helped to potray lifesyle of Arab, Middle eastern and Asian community by the help of paintings and other artwork. Many famous painters travelled around these regions and captured day to day lifestyle sketches.

What do political machine do?

Political Machines were famous for bribing voters to vote for a certain candidate. In simpler terms, they would provide social and economic help.

What famous early and unemployed nineteenth century poet was granted an interview for a job with US President Tyler and showed up drunk at the White House?

Edgar Allan Poe

Who is the most famous political leader of Romania?

In the 20th century: Ion Antonescu and Nicolae Ceaușescu.