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The Unknown Soldier. Many nations have a Tomb to The Unknown Soldier. Because the Unknown can never be identified, that soldier becomes the most honored soldier buried, representing all the unknown dead of any and all wars. Characteristic of Tombs to the Unknown is an around-the-clock Honor Guard. One of the most moving things to watch is the changing of the Guard at a Tomb to the Unknown. The guard is always mounted in any weather. There was an incident of a lightning strike close to The Tomb to the Unknown in Arlington, Virginia. The guard never turned a hair as he stood there, soaked through.

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Q: Who was the most honored soldier buried?
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Who is the most decorated soldier buried in Arlington cemetery?

Audie Murphy

What is the inscription on the tomb of the unknown soldier?

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to god

Who was buried in the tomb of the unknown soldier?

In most countries, the tomb of the unknown soldier is exactly that. The remains of an unknown and unidentified are contained in it.

How did they choose which soldier to be buried?

they choose the soldier that seceur for us

How did the tomb of the Unknown soldier and the cemetery get there name?

The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier was named The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier because the soldiers are unknown and they are honored in a tomb.

Most decorative World War 2 soldiers?

Audie Murphy: Is the most decorated soldier of WWII He is buried in Arlington Cemetery

How do you use honoured in sentence?

We honored the fallen soldier with a respectful memorial service.

What war did the first soldier get buried in the tomb of the unknown soldier?

World War I.

How did unknown civil war soldier get buried mazeppa pa?

how did the civil war soldier get buried in mazeppa pa, when the war never got that far north

Which soldier died in wars whos honored on Labor Day in September?

Bob fiber

Are there famous people that are buried there in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?


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