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Bill Clinton Bill Clinton

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Q: Who was the president for two terms after bush's father?
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Who was a father of a president of the US?

John Scott Harrison (1804-1878) was the son of President William H Harrison and the father of President Benjamin Harrison. He served two terms as a US Congressman.

Can a US president be elected as President after serving two terms as President?

No, the term limit for a president is two terms.

Who married the grandson of the man to whom her father had served two terms as Vice President of the US?

Julie Nixon

Who is the first president to have two terms?

who was the first president to have 2 terms

Did Grover Cleveland get to be the first president to have two terms?

No, the first president with two terms was Washington. President Cleveland, however, was the first and only president thus far to have two terms in office but have them separately.

If a vice president serves for two terms can he still be president?

A person might serve for any number of terms as vice president and still be elected to two terms as president.

How many terms can a president serve in the White House?

A president can serve two presidential terms of four years. Altogether, he/she can serve eight years as president.

What is the maximum number of terms for a president?

There is no overall maximum number of terms that someone can be President of the USA, but there is a limit of two consecutive terms. It is possible that someone could serve two terms, sit out a term, then serve two more terms.

Who is the first president to do two terms in the white house?

George Washington, our first president, resigned after two terms.

How many terms can American President runs?

a president can only run two terms

What was the 1st president to have 2 terms?

George Washington, our first President, had two terms.

Why can't George W. Bush continue as a president?

Because he has already served two terms as president. since FDR's four terms, there was a limit set to two terms as president