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Q: Who was the president noted for trying to persuade members of Congress by using physically intimidating techniques?
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Where is a proposed piece of legislation physically put?

Physically speaking legislation is printed in documents and distributed to voting members of Congress. It can be read in their own time, however, copies are again available during debates and votes. Official documents to be signed by the President are delivered directly to the President.

What can congress do to counteract the president and what can the president do to counteract congress?

President can veto congress can override veto if they have enough votes

What are the president's and congress' roles?

Congress has the task of passing the laws and the President is charged with carrying them out and enforcing them. Congress appropriates the federal funds and the president spends them. Congress sets the taxes and the president collects them.

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

How can a President check acts of Congress?

A President can veto an Act of Congress.

What powers does congress have over a president?

What power does congress have over a president?

What check does Congress have on the power of the President?

Congress can impeach the President if he commits a major crime. Congress can override the President's vetoes and Congress must approve of the President's nominations to federal positions, like federal judges.

When did sonia gandhi become president of congress?

In 1921 he became the president of congress.

What checks does congress have on the powers of the president?

the congress can veto a law the president passed

Was John Hancock the president of the Continental Congress.?

yes he was the president of continental congress

Who signs a bill sent to him by congress?

The president ,the congress.

What power does the president have where he can check congress?

The President checks Congress when he vetoes a bill