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Ronal Reagan and Bill Clinton

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Q: Who was the president of Devolution Revolution?
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What is the Attempt to return many functions of govt to the state level called?

Devolution Revolution

What is the meaning of devolution revolution?

Devolution revolution is the increasing shift of power from the the federal to state governments of the last 20 years or so.

What president was the strongest advocate of devolution?

Ronald Regan

What is a requirement imposed by the federal government as a condition for the receipt of federal funds?

devolution revolution

What are the negative impacts of the Devolution revolution?

The national government didn't want the federal government to keep telling them what to do.

What rhymes with revolution?

conclusion, evolution, fusion polution,infusion,it can be evolution, devolution, solution, resolution, relation, calculation etc.

When did War of Devolution happen?

War of Devolution happened in 1668.

What is a geographic example of supranationalism and devolution?

Supranationalism: NATO Devolution: Yugoslavia

What has the author Keith Barnes written?

Keith Barnes has written: 'Born to flying glass' 'Devolution, evolution and revolution' -- subject(s): English poetry

When was Commission on Scottish Devolution created?

Commission on Scottish Devolution was created in 2008.

When was Commission on Devolution in Wales created?

Commission on Devolution in Wales was created in 2011.

What president supported devolution or the return of policy responsibilities to state and local governments?

Whoever wrote roosevelt is a DA The answer is nixon and reagan