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U.S President: James Monroe

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Q: Who was the president of territory ceded by great Britain in 1818?
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Can you identify a territory acquired by treaty from great Britain?

The territory of the original 13 states was ceded by Great Britain under the 1783 Treaty of Paris ( ratified by the Congress of the Confederation on January 14, 1784, and by George III, King of Great Britain on April 9, 1784) Parts of North Dakota and Minnesota were ceded by Great Britain to the USA under the Convention of 1818 between the United States and Great Britain.

Which rock in Southern Spain owned by Great Britain?

The "rock" you inquired about is the British self governing territory of Gibraltar. Spain ceded the territory to Britain with the Treaty Of Utrecht in 1713.

How was the Northwest Territory from Virginia north to the Great Lakes and west to the Mississippi River acquired?

The Treaty of Paris which ended the American Revolutionary War included provisions that ceded this territory from Britain.

How much did it cost the us to acquire the Oregon territory from Britain?

The United States did not pay for the southern half of the Oregon Territory but there was compensation for the assets of the Hudson's Bay Company in the territory ceded in 1846. Britain ceded the territory to the United States under threat of war even though the United States had few if any genuine territorial claims to the territory north of the Columbia River. It is also ironic that at the very time the United States was readying itself for war with Mexico it was also threatening war with Great Britain. Even more ironic that within 15 years the United States desperately needed the good will of Great Britain.

After the Seven Years War France ceded what to Great Britain?


What year was the Area of upper Midwest ceded by Great Britain?


What land area was ceded by Great Britain?

Area of upper midwest

Which territory did Unite states split with great Britain?

The Oregon territory

Which territory did the united state split with great Britain?

The Oregon territory

What officially ended the American Revolutionary War?

By the Treaty of Paris in 1783, the American colonies became an independent nation. Under the terms of the treaty, the Americans gained a significant amount of British territory. Great Britain ceded to the Americans all their territory east of the Mississippi River.

Who was Oregon territory acquired from?

Great Britain

Did great Britain control the Louisiana Territory?

NO the French had contol of the Louisiana Territory