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Doctor Who, also commonly known as "The Doctor". He travels around in his TARDIS. He has advised the president many times.

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Q: Who was the president who gave advise to the US?
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Who is underneath the head of the Executive branch in power?

The Executive branch consists of 1. The US President 2. His Vice President 3. The President's Cabinet who advise him

Which US president gave an update on his 100th day in office?

president barack obama

What are the Secretary of defense responsibilities?

* to advise the President in the carrying out of defense policy * to run the Defense Department * to advise the President in the formation of defense policy

What president gave the order to begin the us race to the moon?


Who was the president of the US when Martin L King gave his speech?


What is the main function of the US cabinet?

The main function of the Cabinet is to advise the President on important national and international issues

What does the office of the US trade representative advise the president on?

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

How does the White House staff advise the President?

vice president

What role does the president's cabinet have?

To advise the president on certain issues.

What was the purpose of the cabinet formed durning Washington's term?

to advise the President.

What is chosen by the President to advise the President and help govern?

This group is called the Cabinet and its members are secretaries of the various government department plus the Attorney General of the US who heads Justice.

Which us agency was established to advise the president on strategic matters around the globe?

National Security Council.