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Q: Who was the supreme court chef justice who wrote the majority opinion for the Dred Scott decision?
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What are four kinds of Supreme Court opinions?

The Four types of Supreme Court Opinions Includes: Unanimous Opinion: When the Supreme Court Justice Unanimously agrees with the decision. Majority Opinion: When the Majority agrees with the decision Concurrent Opinion: When a person agrees with the Majority of the decision, but for different reasons. Dissenting Opinion: When A person disagree with the Majority of the decision.

Why would a Supreme Court justice write a concurring opinion?

A Supreme Court justice may choose to write a concurring opinion when he or she agrees with the majority decision, but wants to add perceptions or legal reasoning not addressed, or not addressed to that justice's satisfaction, in the majority opinion (opinion of the Court).

One a Supreme Court Justice disagrees with the majority opinion of the court what is he or she doing?

A US Supreme Court justice who disagrees with the majority opinion writes a dissenting opinion, explaining why he or she disagrees with the majority.

What is the explanation given by justices who do not agree with the decision of the majority?

No. If a Supreme Court justice disagrees with the decision and wants to make his or her opinion a matter of public and judicial record, the justice must write a dissenting opinion.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

. What does it mean when a Supreme Court justice issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.

What does mean when a supreme court justice issues a dissenting opinion?

When a Supreme Court "dissents" it is disagreeing with the majority opinion.

Which Chief Justice ruled on the Dred Scott decision?

The Chief US Supreme Justice at the time of the Dred Scott decision was Justice Taney. He wrote the majority decision that proclaimed that Blacks in the USA could never be citizens. It was a 7 to 2 decision.

What is the written explanation of the Supreme Court's decision called?

Majority opinion

A justice of the supreme court may write a dissenting opinion to?

add points to the majority opinion

The legal document that explains the legal reasoning behind a Supreme Court decision is called?

A majority opinion is the legal document that explains the legal reasoning behind a Supreme Court decision.

What does a US Supreme Court justice write when agreeing with the majority?

A concurring opinion

Which part of a supreme court decision presents the argument in favor of the courts ruling?

majority opinion