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Top Ten Youngest Republican Party Presidential Nominees:

1 - Thomas E. Dewey (42.6 in 1944)

2 - John C. Frémont (43.7 in 1856)

3 - Theodore Roosevelt (46.0 in 1904)

4 - Ulysses S. Grant (46.5 in 1868)

5 - Thomas E. Dewey (46.6 in 1948)

6 - Richard M. Nixon (47.8 in 1960)

7 - Wendell Willkie (48.7 in 1940)

8 - James A. Garfield (48.9 in 1880)

9 - Alf Landon (49.1 in 1936)

10 - Ulysses S. Grant (50.5 in 1872)

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Q: Who was the youngest vice-presidential candidate in the us?
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