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Father : Thomas Lincoln (January 6, 1778 - January 17, 1851)

Mother : Nancy Hanks Lincoln ( February 5, 1784 - October 5, 1818)

After Nancy died his father remarried to a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston.

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Willie died in the White House on Feb. 20, 1862, age 11.Thomas "Tad" died on July 15, 1871, age 18.

Robert died on July 26 ,1843 , one month short of 83.

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Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks

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Q: Who were Abraham Lincoln's parents?
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Who is Abraham mother and father?

Abraham Lincolns parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

What is Abraham Lincolns nationality?

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

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Abraham lincolns economic class is middle class

Was john c calhoun Abraham Lincolns father?

No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

What was abraham Lincolns relationship status?

Abraham Lincoln was married

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Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

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The famous US President Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. There are probably a fair number of non-famous Abraham Lincolns living whose parents decided to saddle them with that name.

Who was abraham lincolns' parents?

Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln. After Nancy died his father remarried to a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston.

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