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Lord Edmund Howard (Son of the Duke of Norfolk) and Joyce Culpeper.

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Q: Who were Catherine howards parents?
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Who was Catherine Howards dad and mum?

Thomas Howard Edmund Howard (brother to Thomas Howard - the Duke of Norfolk) and Joyce Culpepper were Catherine Howard's parents.

What were the names of Catherine howards parents?

Catherine Howard (c1521 - 1542) was the daughter of Edmund, the youngest son of the second Duke of Norfolk, and Jocasta (known as Joyce) Culpeper.

What is Catherine Howards Motto?

"No other will than his." Ironic, huh?

What was catherine howards job before she married Henry?

A lady in waiting to queen anne of cleeves

Are leo howards parents divorced?

Nope. Still happily married.

Who were Saint Catherine of Alexandra's parents?

Little is known about Catherine including the names of her parents.

Who were howards parents?

Lord Edmund Howard (Son of the Duke of Norfolk) and Joyce Culpeper.

Who were Catherin parrs parents?

Catherine Parr's parents were Maud Green (a former lady-in-waiting of Catherine of Aragon) and Sir Thomas Parr.

Who were Sir Walter Raleigh's parents?

Sir Walter Raleigh's parents were Walter Raleigh and Catherine Champernowne.

What were the names of Catherine howards and Henry VIII's children?

Henry only had three "legitimate" children, Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward. None of them were born from Catherine Howard. (his 5th wife) She was executed for adultery after only two years of marriage.

What is Catherine McAuleys parents name?

Her parents were called James and Elinor

How did Henry VIII and catherine howards marriage end?

she was beheaded way to remember how each died: divorced beheaded died...divorced beheaded SURVIVED!