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their were actually 4 girls named : Mary, Laura, Carrie,and Grace

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Q: Who were Charles and Caroline Ingall's three daughters?
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What are Charles and Caroline ingalls three daughters on Little House on the Prairie?


How many children did Charles and Caroline Ingalls take in?

Charles and Caroline Ingalls took in three children: Mary, Carrie, and Grace. They were the biological children of Charles and Caroline's family friends who had passed away.

What were the names of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Siblings?

Laura Ingalls Wilder had four siblings: Mary, Caroline (usually called Carrie), Charles (commonly known as Freddie), and Grace.

What were Laura ingalls wilders brothers and sisters full names?

Laura Ingalls Wilder had two sisters: Mary Amelia Ingalls and Carrie Ingalls. She also had three brothers: Charles Frederick Ingalls, Albert "Almanzo" James Wilder, and James Frederick Ingalls.

How many sisters does Laura Ingalls have?

Laura had three sisters, Mary Amelia, Caroline Celestia, and Grace Pearl. She also had a single brother, Charles Frederick.

How many siblings did Laura Ingalls Wilder have?

None. Rose Wilder Lane was the only grandchild of Charles and Caroline Ingalls. Mary never married. Laura's only surviving child was Rose. Neither Carrie nor Grace had children, though Carrie helped raise her husband's children from a prior marriage.

Charles Darwin's sisters names?

Charles Darwin had three sisters: Marianne, Elizabeth, and Caroline.

What are Laura's brothers and sisters names?

Laura Ingalls Wilders, brother name was Charles Fredrick and her sisters names were Mary,Carrie, and Grace. Her daughters name was Rose Wilder Lane.

Did Charles drew have any children?

Yes, He Had Four. Three daughters and a son.

Did rowland hill have a family?

As far as we knowRowland married Caroline Pearson (d.1881) and they had a son Pearson and three daughters

Does elizabeth mcgovern have any children?

Yes! She has three daughters - Matilda, 18 and twins called Caroline and Grace who are 13. :D

What is the three names of the daughters on little house on the prairie?

There was Laura, Mary, and Carrie Ingalls at first. In season four baby Grace Ingalls was born. Then in season five the Ingalls adopted Albert, who was about Laura's age. At the end of season 7, they took in James and Cassandera Cooper, after their parents were killed in a wagon accident. Some other kids were Nellie and Willie Olsen, John Jr., Carl and Alicia Edwards, and some other school kids. The children who played these characters were: Laura- Melissa Gilbert Mary- Melissa Sue Anderson Carrie- Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (they were twins) Grace- Brenda and Wendi Turbaugh (they were also twins) Albert- Matthew Laborteaux James- Jason Bateman Cassandera- Missy Francis Nellie- Alison Arngrim Willie- Jonathan Gilbert (Melissa Gilbert's brother) John Jr.- Radames Pera Carl - Brian Part Alicia- Kyle Richards