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A dog and a cat

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Q: Who were horatio gates parents?
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When did Horatio Gates Fisher die?

Horatio Gates Fisher died in 1890.

When was Horatio Gates Fisher born?

Horatio Gates Fisher was born in 1838.

When was Horatio Gates Onderdonk House created?

Horatio Gates Onderdonk House was created in 1836.

When was Horatio Gates Gibson born?

Horatio Gates Gibson was born on 1827-05-22.

When did Horatio Gates Gibson die?

Horatio Gates Gibson died on 1924-04-27.

When was Horatio Gates - businessman - born?

Horatio Gates - businessman - was born on 1777-10-30.

When did Horatio Gates - businessman - die?

Horatio Gates - businessman - died on 1834-04-11.

What was Horatio Gates' nickname?

granny gates

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What are the release dates for Washington's Generals - 2006 Horatio Gates?

Washington's Generals - 2006 Horatio Gates was released on: USA: 2006

Why did Horatio Gates get credit for the Battle of Saratoga instead of Benedict Arnold?

Horatio Gates was first in command and Benedict Arnold was in second.

Where did Horatio Gates go to for school?

Horatio Gates attended the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, England for his military training and education.