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Loyalists- colonists who were loyal to Britain.

Patriots- colonists who wanted to be free from Britain.

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Patriots were those who supported resistence to the policies of King George and his ministers. Loyalists were American colonists that remained loyal to the kingdom of Great Britan.

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Q: Who were loyalists and patriots?
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Were there more loyalists or patriots in the south?

Loyalists and patriots were all Americans however, loyalists supported Brittan and patriots were all for America

Interaction with loyalists and patriots?

The loyalists hated the patriots because the patriots were always tarring and feathering them.

What did patriots and loyalists favor?

Loyalists remained loyal (hence their name) to the Crown.

What do patriots hate loyalists?

because the patriots think that the loyalists are traitors to the colonists

What were the sabotages between Loyalists and Patriots?

The patriots tarred and feathered the loyalists. They also ruined loyalist houses.

What did the patriots and loyalists?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

What do the patriots and the loyalist have in common?

What have in common the Patriots and the Loyalists?

Was the volunteer militia on the Patriots or Loyalists sides?

The patriots did.

When was the war between patriots versus the loyalists?

The patriots and loyalists technically fought during the Revolutionary war. Although the war was mostly patriots vs Britain, the loyalists and patriots fought. One example Is Kings Mountain.

Were the patriots justified in abusing the loyalists and expelling them?

No, they were not. When the Patriots abused and expelled the Loyalists, they did to them exactly what the British had been doing.

What did Loyalists and Patriots want?

The Loyalists wanted to be ruled by Great Britain and the Patriots wanted to be free from Great Britain.

What 3 groups were the American colonists divided into during the American revolution?

loyalists, patriots, and redcoats