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For the British: Cpt. Thomas Gage, Gen. William Howe, John Burgoyne, Henry Clinton, and Samuel Graves •

For the Colonists: Gen. Ward, COL COL Putnam, COL COL William Prescott, and Cpt. Richard Gridley

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On the British side: gen Gen. Sir William Howe and Sir Henry Clinton.

On the Patriot side: Col. William Prescott.

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Q: Who were some famous people that fought in the battle of of Bunker Hill?
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Is Peter Salem a loyalist or a Patriot?

Peter Salem was not a loyalist. The loyalists were people who remained loyal to England during the Revolutionary War. Salem was a freed slave who fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill, and he fought against the British. Thus, he would undoubtedly have been considered a Patriot by the colonists who were rebelling against English rule.

Why was the battle of the bunker hill important for the colonists?

many people died the british which made the Americans fight harder.

What important people fought in the Battle of Cowpens?

Read The patriots at the Cowpens by Bobby Gilmer Moss

Who was the british leaders in the battle of Yorktown?

Actually, the generals involved with this war was General George Washington General Cornwallis and General de Rochambeau. General Washington was commanding the Continental Army. General Cornwallis commanded the British while General De Rochambeau commanded the French

One major revolutionary battle in New Hampshire?

No major battles were fought in New Hampshire during the Revolutionary War. However, three battles are particularly important to New Hampshire. First, in 1774, before the Revolution began, Paul Revere rode to Portsmouth, N. H., and warned the people that the British would soon reinforce Fort William and Mary. New Hampshire patriots raided the fort and captured its cannon and 5 tons of gunpowder. The Battle of Bunker Hill in Massachusetts involved New Hampshire militias. A few years later, at Bennington, Vermont, New Hampshire militias fought and defeated British and Hessian forces. This was the first major defeat for the hated Hessian mercenaries. So, while no major battles were actually fought in New Hampshire from 1776 to 1783, New Hampshire militias had a very important role in the Revolutionary War.