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Q: Who were the 1996 candidates?
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1996 presidential candidates?

bob dole

In 1996 who were the candidates for President?

The Democratic candidate was Bill Clinton, the Republican candidate Bob Dole and the Reform candidate was Ross Perot. Bill Clinton won the election.

Who were the presidential and vice presidential candidates in the presidential election of 1996?

Bill Clinton/Al Gore Bob Dole/Jack Kemp Ross Perot/Pat Choate

Among third-party candidates which one is thought to have split the conservative vote in a recent election?

Among third-party candidates, Ross Perot is thought to have split the conservative vote in a recent election. Ross Perot ran in the 1992 and 1996 US presidential elections as an independent.

What do you call a group of candidates?

a field of candidates.

Who were the republican candidates for the president and vice presidents in the 1996 elections?

Senator Bob Dole ran for President and his running mate was Jack Kemp, former pro quarterback and US Congressman.

What is candidates stand for?

Candidates is a different way of saying Canadians!

What is a list of candidates?

Maybe slate of candidates is the word you are looking for.

What are People vote for individual candidates.?

Anyone who votes for candidates.

Who selects the candidates for public office?

Typically, politicians select the candidates for public office. They hold a selection procedure to determine who the candidates will be.

If a political candidates is not professional is it okay?

if a political candidates is not a professional is it ok?

Who are the black Presidential candidates?

L. Douglas Wilder(1992), Shirley Chisholm(1972) , Al Sharpton(2004), Jesse Jackson (1984, 1988) Alan Keyes (1992, 1996, 2000, and 2008).