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George Rogers Clark.

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George Rogers Clark

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Q: Who were the Frontiersman who captured kaskaskia and vincennes?
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Who was he frontiersman who captured Kaskaskia and Vincennes?

George Rogers Clark

Who was the Frontiersman who captured Kaskaskia and Vincennes?

George Rogers Clark

Whose forces captured kaskaskia cahokia vincennes?

George Rogers Clark captured Kaskaskia cahokia vincennes.

Who won fort kaskaskia and fort vincennes?

George Rogers Clark captured Forts Kaskaskia and Vincennes

After clark captured kaskaskia he invaded and took controle of?

Detroit and Vincennes

What British outposts did George Rogers Clark's troops capture?

george rogers clarks troops captured the kaskaskia post and the vincennes.

What are some major events that happened in the south pacific?

they were making a plan to destroy a british trade village they also captured vincennes, cahokia,and kaskaskia.

Who captured kaskaskia and vincerennes?

george rodgers clark

Who lead the rangers who captured Vincennes?

George Rogers clark

What fort that was on the wabash river was captured by george rogers and his men?

Fort Vincennes

While George Rogers Clark was capturing Kaskaskia what was happening in the South?

George Rogers Clark captured Kaskaskia. In the meantime the south had settlers in the Holston valley who were more concerned with Cherokees.

What did george rogers clark do during the revolution?

Clark lead Virginia frontier fighters against the British in the Ohio Valley. Clark also captured the British forts at Kaskaskia and Cahokia with the help of some Miami Indians. He also planned a surprise attack on the British fort at Vincennes. When he and his men reached the fort, they spread out Into the Woods and made their numbers appear greater. The British commander believed it useless to fight. He surrendered Vincennes in February 1779.