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They rebelled against Britain because they wanted to be independant and have an Irish government.

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check the history book you'll get it

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Q: Who were the fenians and what were their goals?
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When was Fenians Johnstown GAA created?

Fenians Johnstown GAA was created in 1968.

What has the author Michael Crawford written?

Michael Crawford has written: 'The Fenians' -- subject(s): Fenians, History

Did the Fenians take over Britain?


What has the author Keith Amos written?

Keith Amos has written: 'The Fenians in Australia, 1865-1880' -- subject(s): History, Irish, Fenians

Did the fenians help Canada become a nation?

When the Fenians sent armed raids across the Canadian border the Canadians were alarmed. The Canadians were so shocked that it caused them to band together and they became one strong nation on guard against the Fenians. though the Fenians did take part in Canada becoming one strong united nation the real main reason in the annextation bill.

Did the Fenian's win against the British?

no the Fenians lost

Was the Fenian rising in 1867 nationalist or unionist?

the Fenians were a Nationalist group

What was the name of the Irish radicals who tried to invade Canada?

The Fenians (Fenian Brotherhood).

Were the fenians terrorists?

Yes, the definition of a terrorist is someone who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Which is exactly what they did

What are the lyrics to the ballad of catalpa?

A noble whale ship and commander was called the Catalpa, they sayCame out to Western Australia and took six poor Fenians awaySo come all you screw warders and jailers, remember Perth Regatta DayTake care of the rest of your Fenians, or the Yankees will steal them away(The Catalpa)

Why did the Fenians attack Canada?

the finians wanted to take hostage canada and ask brittian for thier country irland to be indipendent

What has the author Ezra Henry Pieper written?

Ezra Henry Pieper has written: 'The Fenian movement' -- subject(s): Fenians, History