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John Adams
The delegates at the 1st Continental Congress were from every colony except Georgia. Below is a list of the delegates, with the colony that each represented:

Nathaniel Folsom - New Hampshire

John Sullivan - New Hampshire

John Adams - Massachusetts

Samuel Adams - Massachusetts

Thomas Cushing - Massachusetts

Robert Treat Paine - Massachusetts

Stephen Hopkins - Rhode Island

Samuel Ward - Rhode Island

Silas Deane - Connecticut

Eliphalet Dyer - Connecticut

Roger Sherman - Connecticut

James Duane - New York

John Jay - New York

Philip Livingston - New York

Isaac Low - New York

Simon Boerum - New York

John Haring - New York

Henry Wisner - New York

William Floyd - New York

John Alsop - New York

Stephen Crane - New Jersey

John De Hart - New Jersey

James Kinsey - New Jersey

William Livingston - New Jersey

Richard Smith - New Jersey

Edward Biddle - Pennsylvania

John Dickinson - Pennsylvania

Joseph Galloway - Pennsylvania

Charles Humphreys - Pennsylvania

Thomas Mifflin - Pennsylvania

John Morton - Pennsylvania

Samuel Rhoads - Pennsylvania

George Ross - Pennsylvania

Thomas McKean - Delaware

George Read - Delaware

Caesar Rodney - Delaware

Samuel Chase - Maryland

Robert Goldsborough - Maryland

Thomas Johnson - Maryland

William Paca - Maryland

Matthew Tilghman - Maryland

Richard Bland - Virginia

Benjamin Harrison - Virginia

Patrick Henry - Virginia

Richard Henry Lee - Virginia

Edmund Pendleton - Virginia

Peyton Randolph - Virginia

George Washington - Virginia

Richard Caswell - North Carolina

Joseph Hewes - North Carolina

William Hooper - North Carolina

Christopher Gadsden - South Carolina

Thomas Lynch, Jr. - South Carolina

Henry Middleton - South Carolina

Edward Rutledge - South Carolina

John Rutledge - South Carolina

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Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Thomas Paine were some of the most important and influential delegates.

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Q: Who were the five most famous delegates of the second continental congress?
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