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During the Battle of Trenton the American troops were led by General George Washington. The Hessians and British troops involved in this battle were led by Colonel Rahl.

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Q: Who were the generals in the battle of trenton?
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Who was at the battle of Trenton?

Gorge Washington, his generals, and their soldiers

What was colonial New Jersey?

most generals and troops pased through and slept in NJ durning the revolution and it had the battle of Trenton

What battle followed the battle of Trenton?

After the Battle of Trenton, the Battle of Princeton occurred.

Christmastime battle in 1776?

The Battle of Trenton.

What state was the Battle of Trenton fought in?

The Battle of Trenton was fought at Trenton, New Jersey.

What was the major setback in the Trenton battle?

A major setback occurred for the Americans, as generals Cadwalader and Ewing were unable to join the attack due to the weather conditions.

What battle did Washington troops defeated the hessians on the day after Christmas?

The Battle of Trenton and Princeton. But it's mostly known as the Battle of Trenton.

What was the date when the battle of Trenton?

the date of the Trenton battle was on December 25,1776

How many death were in the battle of Trenton?

how many deaths were in the battle of Trenton.

Where was the battle of Trenton located?

The battle of Trenton took place on December 25, 1776 in Trenton, New Jersey on the Delaware River.

When was the battle of Trenton started?

The Battle of Trenton started on December 26, 1776.

When did the battle of Trenton take place?

The Battle of Trenton was on December 26, 1776.