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Sorry but this question makes no sense.

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Q: Who were the people who made some influences in his life?
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Why do people oppose the game theory?

Because it affects morally the personalities of humans. Since the Game Theory is famous because of the different kinds of influences like mass media, forensics and gaming industry, some people still don't believe it is true because they say the people that made those influences had "wild imagination", "has an odd disorder" and "are made to make figments of imagination". Only Idealists accept the Game Theory only for further developments and application.

What made many people in Rhode Island Colony rich What were some negative consequences of the trade that made them rich?


What are some of the most important influences in political socialization?

family, media, and education

What inference was king making about the progress of African Americans to enter the mainstream of American life in 100 hundred years which followed the end of slavery in the you have a dream speech?

This was an effective method of moving his audience as he was trying to say that even after abolishing slavery, people still discriminate or are partial and racist to colored people.This made people think about the difference that even after slavery, some people treat colored people the same way. He wanted to send this message to everyone that they suffered hundredyears and some are still suffering hardships even after slavery has been abolished.

What is an example of history graded normative influences?

Some examples of a history graded normative influence include: - the widespread use of the internet (things like facebook, you tube, email, etc. could all be history graded influences as well) - Any wars - 9/11 - Election of first black president

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What are some examples of internal influences?

people or things in life that have had an impact on you internaly -Suzy T.

What is a life form made up of different parts called?

Some people believe that life is made up of different forms of life. Some people think that there is only one life.

Who are some people who made a difference in life?

Oprah Winfrey

What influences people in participating in sports?

sports influence people cause it is a fun game well to some people and also it could get you famous and get a collage degree!! sports can help u stay fit and get you far in life.

What are computer games made for?

Well, they were made to entertain people. And I know that some people would say they were just made to waste your life. Although, I think they are great.

How many people are affected by dust?

Most people in the world are affected by dust. (Affected = it influences them in some way)

What are facts about Anne Sullivan?

Anne Sullivan made a big difference in some people life.

What are some goals Louis Pasteur made during his life time?

people are so stupid

What are some influences in country music?

Most song writters get their inspiration from everyday life, so I've heard.

Is there any African influences in Trinidad?

yes there are some influences

What made camp life hard for the civil war?

The overall lack of goods made camp life hard because you hardly had food! Some people ate leather from their boots!

What made camp life hard for civil war?

The overall lack of goods made camp life hard because you hardly had food! Some people ate leather from their boots!