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Mountain men- men who came up from the mountains

Pioneers, Mormons and miners- Miners were digging for gold, Mormons were spreading the word about their religion, Pioneers were people who were travelling to unknown territories to settle.

Cattlemen and Cowboys- Farmers and cowboys

Homesteaders- People who were looking to move and settle in America

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1620 Plymouth colony in Massachusetts.

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Q: Who were the second settlers in America?
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What were the first settlers in Colonial America called?

The first settlers to America were called Pilgrims.

What country sent most settlers to north America?

England sent the most settlers to North America.

Which settlers were few while the British settlers were many By the middle of the 1700s in North America?

The French settlers.

Who where the second settlers in the US?

The second settlers are the Europeans after Christophe Columbus came (NOT discovered) to the shores of the land now called the Americas. The first settlers are the natives (or the landlords).

Who sent the Jamestown settlers to America?

England sent settlers to the New World.

What are settlers in America called?


What are the similarities and differences between the activities of early settlers and those of later settlers?

Both the early and later settlers ate from the land and traded good. They both were from North America.

Why was North and South America named America?

because of the fist settlers

How did the original settlers in America arrive?


What did the European settlers of the 1700s consider the most valuable resource in America?

The European settlers of the 1700s think was the most valuable resource in America is coins.

How did settlers get to South America?

Most of the settlers were Spainiards, so I would think they took a boat.

Why were native Americans more likely to die from diseases the European settlers brought to America than the settlers themselves?

Native Americans were more likely to die from the diseases that European settlers brought to America because they had less immunity to these diseases than the settlers did.