Who won king george's war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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donald duck

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Q: Who won king george's war?
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Who won the king Philip's war?

The puritans won the brutal war known and the war of king philip's

How did the War affect the American colonies?

king Georges war affected the colonies by not giving them any room

Who Fought Against King Georges War?

It was fought against France in the 1740's.

Who won the war between Lancelot and King Arthur?

Arthur won the war.

What was king Georges first order of the war?

to take over lexington and concord, and take their military supplies

Who won the war against King John and King William?

i think king William

How did king georges reaction to the declaration of rights affect the relationship between Britain and the colonists?

because he started war

Who was the king of the south during the civil war?

They never had a King. During the civil war, Jefferson Davis was elected to be president after the war if the won.

How did the outcomes of the battles of the English Civil War affect the King and Parliament?

Parliament won the war, and the king lost his head.

Who won the Pyrrhic wars?

King Pyrrhos of Epirus won the battles, but the Romans wore his military strenth down and won the war.

Who won UFC 94?

georges st. Pierre

Who won UFC 129?

Georges St-Pierre