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Robert Kennedy though he was shot and killed shortly after making his victory speech.

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Hubert Humphrey

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Q: Who won the democratic presidential election in California in 1968?
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What was true after Nixon's victory in the 1968 presidential election?

He had to work with a Democratic Congress. (Apex)

Who were the three presidential nominees assassinated before the election?

Robert F. Kennedy, brother of President Kennedy, was assassinated the same summer that he was expected to receive the 1968 Democratic Party presidential nomination.

What 1972 Democratic presidential nominee was the Vice-President during Johnson presidency and ran in the 1968 election?

Hubert H Humphrey, from Minnesota is the man you are thinking of.

What did Hubert Humphrey lose?

the 1968 presidential election

By 1968 the Vietnam War and President Johnson's declining political support?

Convinced Johnson not to run for reelection, helped the Republicans win the 1968 presidential election, divided the Democratic Party

What 1968 democratic presidential candidate was assassinated?

Robert Kennedy was a front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 1968 when he was shot down by Sirhan Sirhan.

What did Dolores Huerta do on June 5 1968?

Huerta stood beside Robert F. Kennedy on a speaker's platform at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles as he delivered a victory statement to his political supporters shortly after winning the California Democratic presidential primary election.

Which of these men was not a presidential candidate in the 1968 election?

Lyndon Johnson

Which men was not a presidential candidate in the 1968 election?

Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, and George Wallace were the presidential candidates in 1968. Republican candidate Richard Nixon won the election.

How many votes did Paul Bear Bryant get during the 1968 presidential election?

Paul "Bear" Bryant was not a candidate in the 1968 presidential election. He was a highly successful college football coach, not a politician.

Who won the democratic presidential primary in California in1968?

The Democratic Party's nominee for U.S. President in 1968 was the incumbent Vice President, Hubert Humphrey.In 1968, the California Democratic primary, held in June of that year saw, Robert F. Kennedy win that election. That same night he was assassinated. This Kennedy was the brother of former US President John F. Kennedy. RFK had strong views on how to end the Vietnam War. US history may have had a different look had Robert Kennedy continue and win the 1968 US Presidential election. This of course is speculation. How & by what means Robert Kennedy would have ended that war could have never been accurately predicted. It should be noted as an example that President Lyndon B. Johnson had run as a "peace" candidate in the 1964 US Presidential election. The Vietnam War grew larger under LBJ.

Who was the presidential nominee for the Socialist workers party in 1968?

Assuming you are asking about the US, Fred Halstead was the Socialist Workers Party candidate in the 1968 Presidential election.