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Operation Torch was the invasion of French North Africa aimed at wiping out the already weakened German Afrika Korps. It was a decisive Allied victory.

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Q: Who won the operation torch?
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When did Operation Marne Torch happen?

Operation Marne Torch happened on 2007-06-16.

Who commanded operation torch?

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was given overall command of 'Operation Torch' .

The allied invasion of Northern Africa was called?

The allied invasion of Northern Africa was called Operation Torch.

When the United States enter war in Europe where did it attack first?

North Africa on Operation Torch

Who was defeated on operation torch?

Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of Axis held North Africa, ended with the Allies defeating the Axis powers.

Did the US win operation torch?


What was the goal of operation torch?

shake the cola

What battle or operation lead to the allied invasion of western Europe?

Operation Torch

Why was the end of operation torch a critical moment?

because it involved a torch, and torches are very critical. =)

Name for the operation that landed 10000 Allied troops in North Africa?

Operation Torch

Who was the general to command both operation Torch and operation overlord?

Dwight D. Eisenhower .

What was first recorded during the operation torch?