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Q: Who won the presidency by a margin of 65 electoral votes?
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What was the margin of victory in the electoral collage won by Rutherford B. Hayes?

Hayes won by 19 electoral votes.

Who won the presidency and by how many electoral votes?

Barack Obama won by 303 to 206

Who won the electoral votes in the 2008 elections?

Barack Obama won electoral votes in 2008

What was the most lopsided presidential election?

In terms of electoral college numbers, the most lopsided victory in a United States presidential election was in 1936. Democrat Franklin Roosevelt defeated Republican challenger Alf Landon by a margin of 523 electoral votes to 8 electoral votes. Roosevelt won every state except Maine and Vermont. He also won over 98% of the electorate. In terms of most electoral votes, Republican President Ronald Reagan defeated challenger Democrat Walter Mondale by a margin of 525 electoral votes to 13 electoral votes. Reagan won every state except Minnesota and Washington D.C. He also won over 97% of the electorate in the 1984 election.

What was the margin of popular votes Kennedy won by?

John F. Kennedy won the 1960 presidential election defeating Richard Nixon. In the 1960 presidential election John F. Kennedy received 303 electoral votes, Richard Nixon received 219 electoral votes, and Harry Byrd received 15 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Kennedy 34,226,731 and Nixon 34,108,157.

How many electoral votes does santorum have?

how many current electoral votes has santorum won

Who won the votes?

In 2012, Barack Obama won. He got second term. The electoral votes were: Obama: 306 Romney: 203 When Posted, the people did not have Florida's full vote. It may effect their votes, but Obama is most likely to keep the presidency. Until then, Obama has won.

What state won by Barack Obama has the most electoral votes?

California, with 55 electoral votes.

How Wilson won the presidency without winning the popular vote?

He got enough electoral votes. To become president you don't need the popular vote.

How many electoral votes did Delaware have in 2004?

3 electoral votes, which Sen. John Kerry won.

What countries did John McCain win electoral votes from?

McCain won electoral votes from the United States.

Who has the electoral votes for Illinois?

Obama won the State of Illinois and all 21 of it Electoral votes. in 2008.