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his momMost if not all modern Presidents employ professional speech writers.

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Q: Who would help the president with a television speech?
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What are some speeches for class president?

You need to write your own speech so it will be meaningful to you and your classmates. Talk about what you're going to do as president and why it's important to the school. Talk about how eager you are to help the class by doing these things. Thank everyone who helped you.

What did the first president of the US create to help him do the work of the executive branch?

the President's Cabinet

How do you become school president?

Make a stupid funny speech and promise flying bicycles that run on vegetable oil. roflmao worked for me!

What did many Americans feel about Roosevelt and what are some of the things he did that still help people today?

If you study old newspapers from the 1930s, you would think you were in current day America, since the country was quite polarized about the presidency back then, as it is today. Democrats generally approved of and admired President Roosevelt; they believed he had helped America emerge from the Great Depression, and they believed most of his policies were having positive results for the economy. But Republicans had a different view-- they accused him of spending too much, expanding the role of government, and stifling his critics. However, the Republican critique was not the view of most Americans. Roosevelt remained very popular, and most people agreed that he had put America on the right track. That is why he was re-elected by a wide margin. The biggest legacy Roosevelt left us is Social Security, an important piece of legislation intended to protect senior citizens. Roosevelt also became known for his use of radio, and while other presidents before him (especially President Coolidge) had used it, Roosevelt showed that radio could help to shape and enhance the president's image. His "Fireside Chats" comforted and reassured the public. The use of media (later, this would include TV and then internet) to project a certain image would be emulated by many presidents, including President Kennedy and President Obama.

What is the informal presidential advisory group that is made up of close friends and specialists called?

That would be called the presidents cabinet. It's designed to help the president make political decisions and give him advice.

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Who was the first president to appear on television?

Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to appear on TV. Roosevelt spoke at the opening session of the New York World's Fair on April 30, 1939 and the speech was broadcast via television to a very limited audience.On October 5, 1947, Harry Truman spoke on TV in a speech from the White House. That was the first nationally televised Presidential address. The speech asked Americans to conserve grain in order to help the starving Europeans. (Dwight Eisenhower was the first to appear on color TV in 1955.)

What does a president try to do an in inaugural speech?

Persuade people that the president will be able to help the country by john overbay

What is the name of the speech every US President gives once a year at the beginning of the year in January?

the inaugural address

What is a language specialist called?

That would be a linguist. Speech therapists help people with speech difficulties.

Who can help with parental control?

If you are in need of help with the parental control settings on your tv or dvd/dvr, you would be best off contacting your television provider.

How do you write a vice president speech in student council?

You need to start the speech out by stating your name. You also need to talk about how you are going to help the school throughout the year.

Does TV help you work or distract you?

that would depend on the individual and what their level of focus was

What question would help determine the context of a television commercial?

Why was the commercial made?

What questions would help you determine the context of a television commercial?

Why was the commercial made?

What is good speech for an student running as auditor?

Writing a student council speech may seem daunting, but having an example to look at can help inspire you. Use the speech on this page to help you think about what you might like to say to the students who will be voting for you. The speech below was sent in by Stephanie who was running for student council President of her high school.

How does IT help people with special needs?

IT can provide services (speech, enlarged font, speech to text) that would otherwise not be available.

How does the president use math and science in his job?

It would help to know president of what organisation!