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Mary Wollstonecraft

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Q: Who wrote a book disagreeing with Jean-Jacques Rousseau's view about educating women?
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What gave woman the right to vote?

The status of women slowly began to change in the late 18th century. Certain women came forward and showed they could succeed in areas that had been left to men. Women started to run businesses, write books and participate in intellectual pursuits. Public schools and later colleges started educating women and people men began to see that women had brains as well as bodies. Certain women then began to campaign for civil rights- the right to own property in their own name even if married and later the right to vote and hold office. Even happily married women who liked being mothers and home-makers began to wonder why they could not vote as well as men and their husbands ran out of logical answers. So, eventually more and more men agreed that women should be allowed to vote. Politicians could see that if women were allowed to vote and if their party was the one that gave them that right, they would possibly get a large block of votes on that account, so the move was on to give women the vote. The 19th amendment to the Constitution finally gave them that right in the US.

How are the women treated?

women were treated fairly by their families in France.

What women were actively involved in securing the right to vote for women?

The women who were actively involved in securing women right were Susan B. Anthony, Florence Kelley, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Which of these women was instrumental in founding the National Organization for Women?

Betty Friedan

Were women aloud to vote in 1948?

no women werent aloud to vote

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What are the slogans for the women literacy?

educating a woman means educating the whole family

How did Margaret Sanger believed that she could improve family life?

By Educating Women about Birth Control

Educating women worldwide has lowered birthrates partly because?

their smart

How might this organization help women and girls participate in civic involvement?

educating women to speak out on important issues

How did Margaret Sanger believe that she could improve family?

By Educating Women about Birth Control

What is Ricards Lodge High School's motto?

The motto of Ricards Lodge High School is 'Educating Successful Women of the Future'.

How did Margaret Sanger believe she could improve family life?

By Educating Women about Birth Control

How did Margaret sangers believe that could improve family life?

By Educating Women about Birth Control

Which woman dedicated herself to educating women about birth control in the early 20th century?

Margaret Sanger.

What has the author Erin Breault written?

Erin Breault has written: 'Educating women about the law' -- subject(s): History, Wife abuse, Legal status, laws, Women

Why is women education a waste of resources?

Many people think that time and resources spent educating women are a waste because they believe most women will get married and have children shortly after completing their education, drop out of the workforce, and focus on a traditional female role.

Is educating Rita a femist play?

"Educating Rita" can be viewed as a feminist play due to its exploration of themes such as female empowerment, women's education, and challenging societal expectations placed on women. The play examines the journey of a working-class woman, Rita, as she seeks to break free from her limitations and strive for personal growth and self-fulfillment.