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Q: Who wrote plays about British leaders being greedy as a way to protest British laws?
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Who wrote plays about british leaders being greedy?

Mercy Otis Warren wrote a play about British leaders being greedy.

Who wrote a play about British leaders being greedy?

The play you are referring to is likely "Richard III" by William Shakespeare. This historical drama portrays King Richard III as a power-hungry and ruthless leader who stops at nothing to satisfy his own ambitions.

What did Mercy Otis Warren write about in her plays?

a poem by her is called 'Apple or Cherry,' it won 3rd place in The 2001 International Poet awards.

Who wrote the play about British leaders being greedy?

George Bernard Shaw

What was the affect of Gandhi's protest?

gandhi used the rule of ahisma to protest that mean he used non-violence in all of his protests

When was Stop Being Greedy created?

Stop Being Greedy was created on 1998-04-10.

What is the word to describe someone who does not share?

to be selfish or greedy.

Can you show the pictures of the word greedy?

show me a pic of someone being greedy

What is the definition of being mean?

Being selfish and greedy.

Who were the Chinese imperialism leaders?

There were no specific Chinese imperialism leaders. The British treasury was the source of Opium being sold to China, which later led to the Opium War.

What did the colonial leaders think about the prospect of war with Britain?

Colonial leaders, being from Britain themselves, were both against and for war against the British. The British was the premier superpower nation at the time. With a superior navy and army, there was no one that had the guts to oppose the Brits. But the colonial leaders knew that unless a war was to be fought, there was no chance at secession from the British empire.

Who led the famous protest known as the Salt March?

"What" or "Who"?What?A human being who was an ideological leader of India in their movements for Indepependence.Who?Mohanas "Mahatma" Karamchad Gandhi led the Salt March in protest of the British colonizing India and monopolizing the salt.