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The author of 'Discourse Concerning Western Planting' is Richard Hakluty, who wrote the document in 1584. His purpose in writing it was to persuade Queen Elizabeth I to support the colonization plans of Walter Raleigh. He also wanted English merchants to invest in those plans.

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Q: Who wrote the Discourse on the Western Planting?
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When was Discourse Concerning Western Planting created?

Discourse Concerning Western Planting was created in 1584.

Who specifically is her majesty in number 1 in Richard hakluyt discourse concerning western planting?

Elizabeth I of England.

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What was Richard hakluyts pamphlet called and what was its purpose?

"Discourse on Western Planting", it recorded English colonization and urged England to confront Spain and claim great rewards of 'raysing trades' and other profits that England could have if it applied itself with zeal & purposefulness to colonization.

What is Richard Hakluyt's Discourse of Western Planting about?

Richard Hakluyt was an English writer who wrote A Discourse Concerning Western Planting in 1584. He encouraged English merchants and the government to adopt a policy of maritime trade and colonial development. He spoke of many advantages to the new world such as productive soil and the use of colonial pine to make British ships. He spoke of the amount of money that could be made for the crown by taxing colonial goods and selling British Wool. He also said that the Britain's position in the Colonies gave them an advantage with their rivalry with Spain. Richard wants to send the old soldiers to go fight in the new world; he also sought to send the homeless and criminals so that they may start over in the new world.

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