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Samuel Bryan wrote under the pseudonym "Centinel" as an Anti-Federalist critique of the Constitution and the choice of federal representatives.

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Q: Who wrote the centinel essays?
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When was Centinel of the Northwest Territory created?

The Centinel of the Northwest Territory was created in 1793.

When did Centinel of the Northwest Territory end?

Centinel of the Northwest Territory ended in 1796.

When was Columbian Centinel created?

Columbian Centinel was created on 1790-06-16.

Who wrote essays of elia?

The essays of elia is written by Lord Maculay.

What militiaman advocated for the Constitution through a series of essays that are now called The Federalist Papers?

Alexander Hamilton, future Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington, wrote 52 of the essays. James Madison, future President of the United States, wrote 28 of the essays. John Jay, future first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote 5 of the essays.

Who wrote in the Federalist Papers under the name Caesar?

No one wrote the Federalist Papers under the name "Caesar." All three authors, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, wrote under the pen name "Publius." One of the authors of essays that were later assembled into a collection called the Anti-Federalist Papers signed his work "Brutus," the name of the man who killed Julius Caesar. Other Anti-Federalist writers used names like "Cato," "Federal Farmer," and "Centinel," among others.

Who wrote essays called 'the American scholar' and 'nature'?

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote the essays "Nature" and "The American Scholar." These essays played a significant role in the transcendentalist movement in the United States during the 19th century.

What famous American wrote most of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers?

Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton wrote 52 of the 85 essays.

Who wrote essays on population explosion for the first time?

Thomas Robert Malthus

What did the federalists use to support this argument?

they wrote the federalists essays in which they pleaded their case

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