Whose court was at camelot

Updated: 4/28/2022
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King Arthur had his court at Camelot which was actually a real place created around the 5-6 centuries CE. He created a round table so that all his lords would be equal when they were seated. The main legend based around hims and his knights is the legend of the Holy Grail.

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Q: Whose court was at camelot
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Where was the court of the King Arthur?


What is king's court?


What was the name of King Arthur's court?

The name of King Arthur's Court was the Camelot .

What is Camelot title?

Camelot is the name of Arthur's court. It is also the title of a Broadyway musical and of the movie based on the stageplay.

Where was King Arthur's Court?

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Mythical court of King Arthur to which the Kennedy presidency was compared?


Is Chamelot a real place?

Camelot is the court of King Arthur..... It's mythical . Yes it was. King Arthur was real and camelot was real, but all of the supposed magical adventures of Arthur and the kingdom of camelot weren't.

Who ruled camelot?

King Arthur had is court at C A M E L O T.

What was king arthurs castle called?

King Arthur's castle is typically known as Camelot. It is a legendary castle and court where King Arthur held his knights of the Round Table and ruled over his kingdom.

Which musical film starring Richard Harris told the story of Arthur and his court.?


What is king Arthurs court?

King Arthur's court is a legendary realm of Camelot where King Arthur held court with his knights of the Round Table. It is depicted in Arthurian legends as a place of chivalry, honor, and noble quests. The court is often associated with tales of the search for the Holy Grail and the exploits of figures like Lancelot and Guinevere.

Name the famous city where king arthur lived?

King Arthur is said to have lived in Camelot, a legendary city in Arthurian folklore. Camelot is often portrayed as a mythical and majestic place where King Arthur held court with his Knights of the Round Table.