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Q: Whose inaugural parade was cancelled due to bad weather?
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Whose inaugural parade was the first to include a reviewing stand for the president?

whose inaugural parade was the first to include a reviewing standfor the president?

Whose inaugural ball was canceled because of a death in the family?

Franklin Pierce and Calvin Coolidge cancelled the inaugural balls.

In whose inaugural parade did African Americans participate for the first time?

Abraham Lincoln

Whose second inauguration marked the first time women participated in the inaugural parade?

it is woodrow wilson

Whose inaugural parade included cowboys miners and his old Spanish American War Vetrans?

Theodore Roosevelt

In whose inaugural parade did african-americans participate for the first time?

In 1865, during Abraham Lincoln's second Inauguration, African Americans marched in the parade for the first time

Who was the first playmate?

Marilyn Monroe, whose nude photos were used in Playboy's inaugural issue in 1953.

Whose inauguration parade included cowboys and miners?

Theodore Roosevelt

Whose statue is on marine parade in Napier in NZ?

Pania of the Reef

Whose inauguration speech said with malice toward none?

This phrase is from his second inaugural address, given March 4,1865.

What is the name of a person whose job it is to forcast the weather?

A meterologist.

When will the Alvin show be in a complete series DVD?

They probably won't because it's the only show in the world whose plans were cancelled.