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Q: Whose nickname was Ole Hickory
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Why did Andrew Jackson get a nickname?

ole hickory

What is alexander hamiltion nickname?

Old hickory

What is James Polk nickname?

Young Hickory was his nickname.

What president was known as ''old hickory''?

Andrew Jackson was the president who's nickname was Old Hickory.

Who was aka the Old Hickory?

Andrew Jackson had the nickname of "Old Hickory".

Old Hickory is the nickname of?

Andrew Jackson picked up this nickname during his military exploits when his men thought of him as "tough as hickory." Hickory is noted for its strength as a wood.

Whose nickname was ''Old Hickory''?

General Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) a lawyer, judge and Tennessee's first Congressman,proved to be a military genius during the Revolutionary War. He earned the nickname 'Old Hickory' from his men for his resilient toughness.

Was 'Old Hickory' a nickname for Abraham Lincoln?

'Old Hickory' was actually Andrew Jackson.

This president's nickname was old hickory George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson's nickname was "Hickory", later in life he was often referred to as "Old Hickory"

Which president had the nickname of old hickory?

Andrew Jackson was known as "Old Hickory."

Why was Franklin Pierce's nickname young hickory?

He was given this nickname in honor of Andrew Jackson, who was known as Old Hickory. The full nickname was Young Hickory of the Granite Hills, which is where he lived. He was a member of Jackson's party and was young. Other than that, the name was mostly a campaign slogan.

What Confederate general in the US Civil War had a nickname of Hickory?

Although people usually refer to Confederate general "Stonewall" Jackson by the nickname just given, his men more often called him Hickory or Old Hickory.