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Q: Whose presidency lasted twelve years
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Who is presidensy lasted twelve years longer than any other president?

There's has never been a United States President whose presidency lasted for twelve years longer than any other US President. Franklin Roosevelt's presidency lasted for 12 years, but that was, at most, only 4 years longer than any other President's.

Who found the bahais?

The Baha'i Faith was founded by the twin Messengers of God: first, The Bab (the Gate), whose ministry lasted seven years; second by Baha'u'llah (Glory of God), whose ministry lasted forty years.

Whose long-jump record in the 1968 Olympics lasted for 24 years?

Bob Beamon.

What age are you when you turn a teenager?

Someone whose age ranges from ten to about twelve years old.

How did roosevelt serve over twelve years as president?

It was Franklin, NOT Theodore who served beyond two terms. At the time, there were no official term limits for the presidency.

Who was president during ww11?

World War II began during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and ended during the early days of the presidency of Harry S. Truman. The war lasted for a total of 6 years 1 day.

How was roman government different berfore the twelve tables?

The Law of the Twelve Tablets did not change the form of Roman government. It was compiled in 451 BC and 450 BC; That is, 58 and 59 years into the Roman Republic which lasted for 482 years (509 BC-27 BC)

Which empire lasted only one hundred years and which lasted almost three hundred years?

someone knows

Was the harvest celebration of1621 lasted for 2 years?

it lasted for to years in a vigiana

How long did the Pax Romana last?

It lasted for 300 years. <=WRONG! It lasted for 200 years.

What are the old kingdom middle kingdom and the new kingdom?

The old lasted for 94 years the middle lasted for 405 years and the new lasted for 530 years

Why were the Sandinistas important to Nicaragua?

They ended a Dictatorship that lasted for 40 years.