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The President, because he "controlls" the whole country.

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Q: Whose responsibility to keep civilians safe during war?
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Why was is important for both Sides to keep civilian moral high during the war?

total war demanded that civilians work tirelessly to produce and conserve goods needed to keep the war going. if civilians were unhappy, they might not work well or they might create domestic unrest that would unset war plan and demoralize soldiers.

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American envoy whose shrewd diplomacy helped keep Britain neutral during the civil war?

Charles Francis AdamsCharles Francis Adams

Why does the CIA keep well zoomed satellite imagery from civilians?

The technology itself is a matter of national security, and is disseminated on a Need to know basis. That being said, most civilians have no Need to Know.

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A keep is a medieval fortress generally within castle/city walls used to protect/garrison troops and civilians. During the event of a siege (attack against a settlement) important political figures would be stationed inside the keep. This is because the keep is a heavily fortified bunker that could withstand major attacks and generally where heavily defended.

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Did civilians ever win the congressional medal of honor?

The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded only for military service, not for civilian service. Civilians do not win it. The Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom are the hight civilian honors given in the US. Now, it may be possible that the Congressional Medal Honor has been given by mistake a few times or to civilians who took heroic actions during a war they were officially not a part of. While most erroneous medals were revoked, it seems that a few civilians did get to keep theirs since they were in some paramilitary organization and did what would be considered heroic military service.