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Q: Whuch presidents were sworn in outside DC?
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Where are us presidents sworn into office?

During a normal inauguration, the President is sworn in on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, DC.

What presidents sworn in outside of DC?

George Washington was sworn in in New York and Lyndon Johnson was sworn in in Dallas Texas to name just two For more possibilities check out Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Arthur, and Theodore Roosevelt

Where was Andrew Jackson sworn in as president?

Jackson was sworn in or outside of the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Where were presidents sworn in before Washington DC was built?

George Washington twice and John Adams once

Which presidents were sworn in outside of a building in Washington DC?

My mother, brother, sister, father, Michaela, Obama, Lacy, Unidentified Flying Objects, Rascle Flates and so many more <3 From- Mikki

Who are the Presidents not sworn in in Washington D.C.?

George Washington was sworn in at New York for his first term in 1789. He took the oath in Philadelphia for his second term in 1793 , as did John Adams in 1797. All the other presidents were inaugurated in Washington, DC.

Where do presidents take the Oath of Office?

Elected presidents take the oath as a part of the inauguration ceremony held in Washington, DC. . Nowadays, presidents take the oath just outside the US Capitol on a platform set up for the inauguration . Vice-presidents who take office unexpectedly due to the death of the president are sworn as soon as possible wherever they may be at the time.

Where was John F. Kennedy sworn in?

Like most president he was sworn in at the Capitol in Washington, DC.

Who was the first president sworn in wash dc?

George Washington

Who was the first American President to be sworn in in Washington DC?

Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be sworn in after the capital was moved to Washington.

Who was the fist president to get sworn into office at Washington DC?

George Washington.

What histrorical events happened in Washington DC?

Obama was sworn in as president.

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