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bcoz he was propounded the 14 principles of management.

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Q: Why Henri fayol called father of managament?
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Was Henri Fayol French?

Henri Fayol was from France

When was Henri Fayol born?

Henri Fayol was born in 1841.

What is Henry fayol's contribution to management theory?

Contribution of Henri fayol to the management

Briefly describe the main functions of organisation as identified by Henri fayol?

technical describe the main function of an organisation as identified by henri fayol

Who is father of administrative management?

The father of the administrative management theory is Henri Fayol. He is a French mining engineer. He is also considered as the founder of modern management methods like his contemporary, Frederick Winslow Taylor.

To what extent Henri fayol management principles is applicable to Nigerian system of management?

To what extent Henri fayol management principles is applicable to Nigerian system of management?

What r the example of fayol principal which follow by kfc management?

priciples of henri fayol's followed by kfc

What kind fo workplace would Henri Fayol create?


How important is Henri Fayol to scientific management?

Henri Fayol was a French mining engineer who greatly contributed to the theories of management and business administration. He is of significant importance as his ideas still have meaning in today's modern world.

What was the role of Henry fayol in management?

Henri Fayol developed a theory of management administration, which is commonly known as Fayolism.focuses on the top managers and their actions.

How does Henri fayol's contribution to management differ from the contributions of Frank and Lillian Gibreth?

Henri Fayol's contribution to management looked at how operations could work together. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth was improvement and focused on the human side.

When did Henri Fayol die?

Jacques Fayet died on February 16, 2009, in France.