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because your a complainer and a talker----your part of your problem, not part of the solution.

No one said life was easy. Humans make mistakes. But that doesn't mean that there have been great, magnificent things done by humans. Maybe one day we will get it right, we must never, ever stop trying..... Tomorrow is a new day.

Your probably ashamed, for the same reasons the rest of us should be. To be human is to be destructive. Yes we do lots of good, but when put alongside all the atrocities we've done.... not to each other, but at all the innocent life that gets eradicated just because it tries to coexist with us. People should open their eyes and see what being part of the human race really is. Look at all the wars being fought, look at the number of human deaths we hear about and see. What about everything else that gets destroyed, how many species of plants and animals get killed, how many countless billions of lifeforms were destroyed that we didn't hear about, that we didn't care about. Everything on this planet deserves the right to life. now I understand how nature works, I'm not talking about stopping death, it's just as natural a part of life as birth. I'm just talking about the death we have caused as humans. The species of plants, insects, animals... that no longer exist because of us. Ashamed....I know I am. :(

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Q: Why I am Ashamed of the human race?
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