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Relative (APEX)

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Q: Why In Aisha's culture women are expected to help provide for a family's financial well being while in Leila's culture that role is expected only of men. This example shows that deviance is.?
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In Aisha's culture women are expected to help provide for a family's financial well being while in Leila's culture that role is expected only of men. This example shows that deviance is .?

Relative (APEX)

What is an example of formal deviance?

An example of formal deviance is committing a crime such as robbery or murder, which violates specific laws and norms in society. Formal deviance is typically punished by the legal system through sanctions such as fines, imprisonment, or probation.

What is the structuralist theory?

it a theory that states every institution in a society must function well, for the whole society to function well. an example of this is the all the organs in the human body must function appropriately for the whole body to function well.

What is the example of criminal deviance and non criminal deviance?

Criminal deviance is when a person breaks a law. A law can be considered as a norm that is considered so significant it has been codified, deviant behaviour is violations of norms. For example, murdering someone. Non-criminal deviance is when a person violates a social norm, but does not necessarily break a law in doing so. They could simply be breaking a folkway or more. Non-criminal deviance is met with less serious social sanctions then being arrested. Sanctions would include things like people thinking you're weird, or people being offended by your behaviour. For example, wearing a clown costume to the mall.

What is an example of deviation in sociology?

An example of deviation in sociology could be a person who fails to adhere to the social norms of their culture, such as committing a crime or engaging in behavior deemed unacceptable by society. Deviance can take various forms and is often studied to understand the boundaries of acceptable behavior within a society.

How is culture and behavior related give an example to prove your answer?

Culture and behavior are closely related because culture shapes the beliefs, values, and norms that influence how individuals behave in a particular society. For example, in some cultures, it is expected to greet others with a kiss on the cheek, while in others, a handshake is more appropriate. These cultural norms directly impact how individuals interact and communicate with one another.

What is an example of persistent subcultures?

An example of a persistent sub-culture would be a culture that refuses to assimilate into another culture.

What is an example of crime but not deviance?

An example of crime but not deviance could be the violation of traffic laws. While it is illegal to speed or run a red light, these actions may not necessarily be considered deviant behavior as they are relatively common and accepted by society to some extent. However, they are still considered crimes because they are against the law.

Recognizing expected losses immediately but deferring expected gains is an example of?


How to spell expected?

Expected is the correct spelling.Some example sentences are:I expected something a bit bigger.You were expected to be at the meeting yesterday.I expected her to say that.

What is informal financial market?

Any private financial dealings are an example of informal financial market.

What is ethnotheory?

An ethnotheory is a theory that underlies the values and practices of a culture and that becomes apparent through analysis and comparison of those practices, although it is not usually apparent to the people within the culture. Example: If a culture's ethnotheory includes the idea that it's ancestors are reincarnated in newborns, children will not be expected to show respect and will not receive harsh discipline from their caregiver.