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it is not all over the world

free masons disguised as al qaida and osama binladen to ruin the image of muslims

Islam is a very peaceful religion , and im sure that it is the most peaceful one ever


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Q: Why Islam is insulted all over the world?
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Where were the places that practiced in Islam?

Islam is now practiced all over the World now.

Where was Islam placed?

All over the world

Where has Islam spread?

All over the world.

Where are the countries that practice Islam or Muslim?

Islam is practiced all over the world.

Will Islam takeover India?

Islam has the power to take over the world its like everyone becomes a Muslim all over the world !

Islam area of the world?

Islam is spread all over the areas of the world although with different percentages.

In what areas was Islam spread?

All over the world

Where did Islam spread too?

all over the world

Is Islam all over the world?

yes mashallah

Where is Islam located?

Islam is a religon, not a country ok. And Muslims are located all over the world and in every inhabited continent.

Why was Islam popular in the cities?

Islam is popular all over the world irrelevant to cities or villages.

Where are the followers located of islam?

They are located all over the world.